Grip & Lighting in FL Since the 90’s

Shooting in Florida? No problem!  Dave’s Grip and Lighting stocks a full inventory of everything from lighting and grip. Whether we’re providing a simple ENG lighting kit or delivering a 10-ton grip truck with a fully staffed Grip and Electric department, Dave’s Grip and Lighting can tailor a package to fit your specific project and budget.


At Dave’s Grip and Lighting, we believe that the customer comes first. We’re here to service your grip and lighting needs whether you need a couple of lights and stands or a full 10-ton grip truck with a Fisher dolly and crew. All my guys have tons of experience and I’ve worked on set with each and every one of them. Tell us about your production and we’ll recommend the right equipment and manpower solution. Serving all of South Florida, Central Florida, and West Florida. If you need a grip truck in Florida, we’re the ones to call.

Call or email me any time, day or night, and let me know just how I can help you!

Email me at or call me direct at (305) 409-0009

I’ve built my grip trucks from ground up and maintain the gear myself. But we have more than just a top quality grip truck for your production. You’ve got my personal assurance that you’re going to be satisfied with the equipment you receive AND the crew I refer. If you aren’t, I’ll do whatever it takes to make it right!

Hands down one of my favorite lights to work with. They’re lightweight, operate very cool, are rugged and durable, and produce a nice light that’s easy on the eyes for the talent. Kino Flo most popular models are their 4ft 4-Bank (4×4) and their 2ft 4-Bank (4×2). But we stock others as well, including their Diva 400s which come packed in a handy suitcase style case and the new Kino Flo Celeb 400 and Celeb 200 LED lights. LED lights seems to be where the future is and I’m glad my favorite lighting company is keeping up with the times with their Celeb series.

When you need lighting with a punch, nothing beats an HMI. Rent an ARRI M18 1.8K HMI for your production and you can leave the generator off the equipment list. This wonderful light is very powerful and can be plugged into a normal household outlet. We also stock ARRI 575w HMIs, perfect for interviews, and 4K HMI and beyond as well. ARRI makes a fine lighting product, but nothing beats the portability of Joker 800, 400, or 200 HMI kits. K5600 Joker kits come with everything you need in a compact hard case. The Joker 400 and 200 kits can even be powered by industry standard Anton Bauer Gold Mount batteries.

LED lights have certainly earned their place in today’s productions. The LitePanels 1×1 is our most popular LED product. These gems come as a pair in a handy soft case complete with stands and batteries…perfect for an interview setup on the go. We also carry complete Dedolight 4-light kits. These niche fixtures are popular for product work or if you want to release your inner J.J. Abrams with some lens flare.

Of course, if your budget doesn’t allow for fancy lighting, we stock tried and true ARRI tungsten Fresnel and open face fixtures as well. Pickup an ARRI 4-light kit complete with stands and a convenient rolling case.