Hive Lighting Plasa Fixtures at NAB 2015

Hive Lighting brought out some cool new plasma lighting toys to NAB 2015 this year.  The innovative  Drone Source 4 Spot Kit shown here has tunable color from Tungsten to Moonlight and has other great features such as a Leko lens barrel for focus and directional control or use of an optional soft-box to diffuse the light.

The Hive Drone Source 4 Spot Kit shown at NAB 2015  The Drone has Tungsten, Hybrid, Daylight, and even a Moonlight color temperature setting!

For those of you unfamiliar with plasma lighting, it is similar to HMI lighting in the sense that a volatile gas is electrically charged that illuminates the bulb.  However, unlike HMI, plasma lighting uses solid state electronics and does not require metal electrodes in the bulb allowing plasma bulbs to be constructed out of a robust sealed quartz chamber instead of glass.  Additionally, plasma bulbs are dimmable, turns on and re-strikes quickly, and can operate in any orientation without fear of heat buildup.  And you might not have known it but that street light outside your house just may be a plasma light…so this isn’t new technology.  Plasma lighting is also in used with surgical equipment and microscopes for its proven reliability.

While the price point is a bit higher than some other lighting technologies,  you’ll get your moneys worth out of them with longevity and reliability.  Hive Lighting also has a rather maniacal looking stage lighting product dubbed the Honey Bee Theatrical Spot.  This modular fixture has an integrated power supply, Source 4 barrel, and yoke…and it looks like something you would find on top of a US Army Humvee.

The Honey Bee Theatrical Spot Plasma Fixture

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