K5600: A New Era of LED Lighting Has Arrived

K5600 Joker 300

K5600 Announces New LED Lighting Products Designed with Their Five Core Values at the Heart of the Designs

We’ve seen it time and time again where manufacturers release new products annually that don’t quite meet their quality standards. K5600, Inc. held off on this announcement for 10 years as quality standards were met before releasing any new products to the public.

These new LED lighting products were designed with K5600’s core values in mind: ruggedness, versatility, upgradeability, output and light-shaping quality. We are proud to have K5600 and other manufacturer products available on our grip trucks. Dave’s Grip and Lighting welcomes K5600’s new Joker 300, Alpha 300, Wafer-Thin Panels, and LED Ballasts to the market and looks forward to serving your needs in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and throughout South Florida.  

K5600 Joker 300 & Alpha 300 Available with Our South Florida Grip Trucks

We can provide you with the perfect light-to-lens ratios when using these new K5600 products stocked on our grip truck Fort Lauderdale fleet. Each of these models feature K5600’s unique LED chip with Bi-Color matrix technology along with 95+ color rendering. With a 300W max output and a 9’ cable head, these products are sure to add value to your production. 

K5600 Joker 300

The Joker 300 lumen output is rumored to be comparable to the almighty Joker 400 under certain configurations. This new LED lighting offers four light-shaping options, including ellipsoid spot, parabolic beamer, lenses, and soft box. The Joker 400 barndoors and lenses stocked on our grip truck Miami are compatible with the Joker 300 beamer reflector. 

K5600 Alpha 300

This wonderful product provides a 6.9” diameter lens and is based on the popular Alpha 800 HMI. The beam angle can be adjusted from 55 degrees all the way down to 5 degrees with ease. 

K5600 Wafer-Thin Panels on Our Grip Truck Miami & Fort Lauderdale Fleet

Available in four sizes (4’ x 1’, 2’ x 6’, 2’ x 1’, and 2’ x 6’), these 1.35” thick flat LEDs are the lightest weight available on the market. With the options like snap-on ball grip and a foldable yoke, we can configure these flat LEDs any way necessary for your production. 

K5600 LED Ballasts Stocked with Our Grip Truck Miami & Fort Lauderdale Fleets

Compact and durable are two of the defining factors for these new LED ballasts available on our grip trucks. They do not have any controls on them, which is why they can fit in tight spaces and handle the wear and tear that may happen during set up and/or break down. 

K5600 300W Single Ballast

Direct 48V FC power can be routed to this compact case to power K5600 LCD screens with 2,700 degree K to 6,500 degree K control. On-site upgrades and diagnosis on our grip truck Miami and Fort Lauderdale fleets are easy with the included microport. 

K5600 1200W Multi-Output Ballast

With 600W of power to both output connectors, you can rest assured this LED ballast with provide the power you need. Better still, if you combine this LED ballast with any K5600 LEDs, the ballast automatically senses the amount of power that is needed. 

K5600 Splitter

With two outputs and one input, the splitter can commute with the 1200 W Multi-Output Ballast and gives independent control to each of the LED lamps that are connected. 

We Are the Professional Grip & Lighting Company To Turn To in South Florida

The new K5600 product release means we can provide you with better grip and lighting services than ever before. Dave’s Grip & Lighting is the most experienced company serving all of South Florida with LED, HMI, dollies, sliders, flags, rigging, trucks, generators, gaffers and more since 1987. We have grip truck Fort Lauderdale & Miami fleets, an extensive inventory of grip and lighting products, and superior knowledge and industry experience to provide you services that give your production the wow factor you desire. Contact us today or call us at 305.409.0009 if you have any questions. We look forward to becoming your local provider of K5600’s latest and greatest products along with any lighting and grip services you may need for your upcoming production.