CamRunner Camera Slider System

CamRunner Camera Slider System
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CamRunner Camera Slider System


The Camrunner was built with a specially designed lightweight aluminum extrusion. A 6 ft Camrunner only weighs 28 lbs. Yet super strong. You’ll love it when you have to take it up the stairs to the 3 floor.


The Camrunner was designed with the principal of being modular. It gives the user the ability to have many choices in length. This creates value for everyone the owner rental houses and production company’s that rent the Camrunner.

This light weight extrusion also gives the Camrunner the ability to take a 3 ft Camrunner and change out the slide rails to 4 ft 5 ft to 6 ft and so on up to 19 ft . This is why we call it the most versatile Slider System out there. One system multiple seamless lengths.

360 degree rigging points on all sides including bottom with the custom made slide blocks that fit industry standard baby pins or any  3/8 -16 threaded pins clamps or pipe clamps.

The slide blocks are secured in the custom channel and can be positioned to the exact point you desire, by just unloosing 2 set screws.

With the 3/8 threaded  slide block you can pick and choose how you want to rig your Camrunner or just put it on a tripod or camera dolly locking it down with the Mitchell castle nut.

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Camera Support. CamRunner Slider