My Tribute to a Grip Industry Great – Ed Phillips

Ed Phillips of Matthews Studio Equipment was one of the warmest, friendliest manufacturers whom I ever met in my long career in the grip business.  It was always super fun chatting with him at CineGear and NAB. A huge smile always on his face, he was great at giving knowledge and information on ‘all things grip’!   

Ed was passionate about the film business.  He loved young people and watching them grow up in the grip and lighting business.  He was an amazing mentor to so many grips who invented products over the years. Ed found them and brought their products to market. 

Ed will remain one of the greats in the film and television business. He clearly was one of the best dressed guys in the grip and lighting world!  Plus, he always had a sterling attitude!  He was a man who could light up any room he walked into. Matthews had the best parties at their factory during CineGear, and Ed always wore a sharp sport coat. 

I regret not being able to spend more time with this great man.  I certainly could have learned a thing or two or three from him!