Pacific NW Lens Summit

My buddies over at the Koerner Camera rental house in Portland, Oregon are hosting a one-of-a-kind event!  They’re showing off the finest cinema optics in the world. Vintage lenses, new lens technologies and large format lenses will all be covered.  There are going to be amazing minds at this great rental house event! 

The best and brightest lens technicians and lens engineers will be on tap to chat!  Got a question to ask about lens technology, or sensor coverage? The answer will be given to you at the Pacific NW Lens Summit

Who Will be There? All the players in manufacturing are on the floor. Just to name a few: Angenieux, Arri, Atlas, Canon, Cineflex, Cooke, Duclos Lenses, Fujinon, Gecko, Leitz, Lindsay Optics, Lomo, IB/E, P+S Technik, Raptor, Schneider, Sigma, Tiffen, Tokina, Whitepoint Optics, Zeiss and ZerøOptic. Other teams represented include Abel, BandPro, Camadeus, Hot Rod Camera, Preston Cinema, Shotover and Sony.

Event Details: This Saturday May 4th at 2828 SE 14 Ave. Portland Oregon 97202.  The event is for lens geeks, nerds, DP’s, camera assistants, rental house owners and others who love fine optics. 

Oh, and on Friday, May 3rd they’re having a one of a kind training on digital cinema lens optics.  Wish I was going, as I could learn a thing or two. There will be plenty of craft beer on tap for sure with the Film & TV good old crew telling film set tales a plenty!