Beefy Baby 3-Riser Aluminum

Beefy Baby 3-Riser Aluminum
Manufacturer: Matthews Studio Equipment
Rental Rate
Daily : $5
Product ID: MP12236
Alternative Product Name: Grip Gear, Stand, Beefy Baby, Triple Riser, Rocky Mtn Leg, ALU
Product Overview:

The Beefy Baby Aluminum Stand replaces the very popular A630B MiniMax Kit Stand. This stand has square legs for more stability. The legs and braces are secured by nuts and bolts instead of rivets. As always, this a versatile, hardworking aluminum stand. It is quick to set up — the locking knobs are still large and ergonomic — making it easy for you to lock each section.
This stand has four sections, three risers. Its maximum height is 11.5′ (3.5 m). It features a black anodized finish, and it works in many kit combinations.
If you need a taller, beefier stand (A0040B), Click here.
Leveling Leg
Adds stability while working on uneven terrain
Square Leg Ends
Greater stability than tubular legs
Suggested Uses
Small – medium sized monolight, flash head or other fixture, with 32-45″ umbrella or medium (24×32″) softbox


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