LED LiteDimmer Hybrid


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Product Overview:

LiteDimmer Hybrid is a manually controlled, flicker-free LED dimmer. Designed exclusively for use on film, TV and HD Video sets, it offers control of Kelvin temperature along with brightness when used with VHO Pro Hybrid LiteRibbon. Like its little brother LiteDimmer Single, it features an ultra-smooth dimming range using our patent-pending flicker-free circuit.

Including a 2.1mm barrel input connector, and HyConn output, LiteDimmer Hybrids interface includes 2 knobs, one for Kelvin, one for brightness. These knobs include a hide-away feature that eliminates accidental level changes and assists in storage. An on-off switch allows for cueing and allows for several optional advance modes.
With the switch in the UP position, LiteDimmer Hybrid will maintain the light level while changing Kelvin temp and will maintain Kelvin temp when changing light level. While the switch in the DOWN position, one of three modes are available.

  • Low mode, that reduces the output by 2 F-stops allowing fine control of low output levels.
  • 2-Channel mode, that allows the Hybrid dimmer to serve as two Single dimmers.
  • Hybrid OverDrive mode, that disregards Kelvin stability and simply provides all available power.

The LiteDimmer is housed in an extruded, black anodized aluminum case with rubber bumpers that eliminate damage to sensitive surfaces.


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