Lowell 1000w

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Product Overview:

The Lowel 1000w is a long time Lowel workhorse. It’s a powerful key, backlight or background light. Add an umbrella or diffusion for soft key or fill light, swap to the super-spot reflector for long throws, or customize it with a variety of other accessories.

Multi-use, tungsten halogen source.

Peened, parabolic reflector provides non-crossover beam with axial filament orientation for improved shadow pattern and gel life.

Watts: 1000, 750, 500 at 120v, 1000, 650, & 500 at 220 &240v.

Focus range – 8:1 with #1 reflector & FEL lamp.

Quick-change super-spot reflector for exeptionally
long throws at all voltages.

Tilting: 170° no-yoke, constant-tension, one-handed tilting from straight up to almost straight down.

Large cool knobs.

Protective front screen must always be used.


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