Magliner – Heavy Duty
Manufacturer: Magliner
Website (Commercial/Pro): Magliner Commercial Website
Product Overview:

Handtruck unfolds to become a platform truck with a folding blade extension. Can be equipped with up to three horizontal shelves and an assortment of accessories enabling the cart to be used for recording, playback, video, or utility.

Magliner Senior modified cart shown with Optional 8″ wheel conversion (BS-MAGY58X), Dual Axle Kit (BS-MAGCAS), Top Shelf (BS-MLTS), Bottom Shelf (BS-MAGDAS), HD Nose (BS-MLHDN), Tripod Holder (BS-MLTH) and Mag Bag (BS-MLMB). The definitive cart for the TV & Motion Picture Industry. 56″L x 21″W x 46″H, Weighs 45 Lbs.


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