We’re Upsizing our Grip and Lighting Rental Miami

We recently purchased LIT Miami’s extensive grip and lighting rental Miami inventory.  When our friends at LIT Miami opted out of the grip and lighting rental business in Miami  — trust me, I have weeks like that — they offered it up to us.  Their gear was in excellent condition, so we made a deal.

We acquired every possible grip and lighting product: hampers, cable distro, lights, HMI’s, C-stands, apple boxes, rags, grip, light stands of all types, sandbags, Cardellini clamps, pipe hangers, cones, and dimmers, all for rent! The grip and lighting rental equipment is used but in fantastic shape for gear that rented frequently.

We bought Matthews and American grip gear purchased by LIT only six years ago. Now we’re using the new inventory to provide our clients with more flexibility in their film equipment gear needs. We’re doing this by expanding drop-off and pick up windows, giving filmmakers weekend lighting rentals deals, and a la carte rentals.

Additionally, renting gear to multiple bigger productions will now be a snap. As we sub-rent less, we can pass those savings on to our customers. For example, we now have over 40 Apple Box families. Plus, we now also have large quantities of specialty rags, i.e. 12 X 12 Gold and Silver Lame; 100’s of Mafer clamps, Cardellini clamps, specialty grip gear, car mounts, etc.

Do you need to rent grip and lighting in Miami? Dave’s Grip and Lighting has never been more equipped than now to provide you with excellent grip and lighting rental Miami deals.